Individuals in Germany have the right to Social Integration Support in accordance with Section 53/54 of the SGB XII when
they have a disability or are at risk of acquiring a disability. A disability can be
psychological, mental, physical, or a combination of disabilities. At risk of a
disability means that the person's reduced capacity or disability has a high
likelihood of the disability lasting longer than 6 months.

When people with a disability are experiencing difficulties in their everyday life there is the possibility of funding for community based support (such as ASP, PBW, Wohnassistenz) through the Social Integration Support department.

It is also possible for children aged between 3 to 18 years who are
psychologically, mentally or physically disabled to access community based
support in accordance with Section 54, Paragraph 1 and 2, SGB XII together
with Section 55, Paragraph 1 and 2, Number 3 & 7, SGB IX (HFbK).

The application and funding of services is done through the local responsible
Social Welfare Office “Grundsicherungs-und Sozialamt”. A condition of service provision is that the mental illness or the mental and/or physical disability is officially diagnosed and confirmed. With funding, the costs of services will be paid by the Hamburg Government when a client's income or family assets are not able to cover the costs of services.

Community based services have a clear priority over in-patient services.

A focus of ABeSa is supporting people with culturally and
linguistically diverse backgrounds.