Wohnassistenz (WA)

Wohnassistenz is a community based form of support for adults with a mental and/or physical disability who are living independently and require predominantly practical assistance.

Wohnassistenz both builds and strengthens the client's current skills and
abilities. The goal is for the client, as much as possible, to live independently
and self-sufficiently.

The form and style of support can therefore be very diverse:

  • to support and guide clients in managing household tasks – grocery
    shopping, cleaning the apartment, laundry
  • attending appointments with clients
  • assistance with paperwork and advice with budgeting/money
  • support with medical issues and organization with appropriate specialist
    doctors, and help in crisis situations
  • assistance with finding leisure activities and motivation to participate in social activities
  • strengthening/maintaining current employment or assistance with finding
    meaningful employment

Wohnassistenz can be funded long term and can be applied to be followed on
directly from Educative Support (PBW).

You are welcome to contact us when you have questions and ABeSa will
support you through the application process. Please contact the following contact person.